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Nash and his team have helped us consistently rank for extremely competitive keywords like "Dentist Vancouver" and "Dentist Near Me". We consistently get 60 new patients each month thank to their marketing support!

Dr. Ken PhillipsOwner, RCDG

I'm just 3 months into working with Nash and we've jumped into the top 5 on Google for "Dentist West Covina", the most competitive keyword. I can't believe we're seeing a tangible ROI this quickly!

Dr. Duncan HowardOwner, The West Covina Dentist

We went from ranking outside the top 30 to inside the top 5 in under 6 months for "dental implants Houston" and "all on 4 dental implants". Using their call tracking software we can see that over $190,000 of implant cases have booked in this month.

Dr. LT JohnsonOwner, Bellaire Modern Dental

I was nervous at first with investing more money on growth, but Nash and his team have delivered on every promise! In less than a year we have acquired more than 425 new patients and we are seeing a $66 to $1 return on investment.

Claudia ChanOwner, Markham Dental